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March 4 Production is the road to development, not consumption. Very difficult to receive consumer loans, must purchase everything in cash upfront. Investment, economic multiplier effect, rather than purchase expensive vehicles, it is economically beneficial to invest the money and create development and wealth. What is the cause of one country being rich, and one country being poor? Dependency: fully engaging the international trading system is simply going to keep you poor forever. The core of dependency of one of the key reasons why the rich countries are rich and poor countries are poor, is because the rich countries exploit the poor
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Unformatted text preview: countries. The rich write the rules, and they write the rules in a certain way that the rules benefit them. Two basic regions of the world 1. Core: Rich developed countries, exports refined goods 2. Periphery: Poor, surrounding countries, generate resources The developmental state of periphery: countries previously in the periphery are now in the core. When you get anything and everything easily, It has no value. Nationalism: The doctrine that says nations should be self-governed. Nations deserve their own state....
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