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final blindness - 1 Mike Rosenbloom ENG 140 Professor...

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Mike Rosenbloom ENG 140 Professor Blackwell 12-13-07 Blindness In the plays Oedipus the King and Buried Child , being blind, either literally or metaphorically plays a curial role. Each of the stories main characters have to deal with it. In Oedipus, the translation is much more of a literal translation. In Buried Child , the reader has to dig a little deeper to see the blindness. In both plays, the characters are in some way, blind to the world around them. I see the word blind in this sense as kind of a synonym for the word ignorant. When I refer to being blind, I’m kind of referring to having your eyes shut to the world. Both Oedipus and Dodge were very ignorant. Oedipus thought he was God pretty much and Dodge was just so uncaring that he might as well have been blind. I’ll start with Oedipus the King . In this play, there are many different references to being blind in the literal sense. The play starts off with Oedipus, who is a great king and admired by all. There is a plague going through the city of Thebes, and Oedipus thinks he can cure it. He is pretty much convinced that he is all that is man and everyone else is below him. “Now you have me to fight for you, you’ll see: I am the land’s avenger by all rights And Apollo’s champion too” (Lines 153-155) He is basically saying that he is perfect. He’s saying since Thebes has him to fight for them, they don’t need anyone else. He is perfect. This is the first example of 1
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metaphorically blindness in this play. Oedipus is completely blind to the world. He is convinced that he is a supreme being, kind of like God. As the play goes on, Oedipus’s eyes start to open very slowly. He starts to see the world little by little. He finally hears the prophecy that was given to him as a child and it scares him. He can’t believe that that could possibly happen and looks for any way to prove that he would have committed any wrong-doing. “You said
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final blindness - 1 Mike Rosenbloom ENG 140 Professor...

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