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Philo journal 4 - ourselves He questions himself so why not question ourselves as well I found this reading really confusing however so I could be

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The thing that more interested me about the reading was in the 4 th meditation. Descartes says that if God has endowed him with judgment that can’t be wrong, how is it that he can be mistaken from time to time? I found that interesting because it’s something that we don’t think of on a daily basis but it’s true. God is said to be all-powerful, and if he says we can’t be wrong, how can we? Honestly, I think Descartes was just trying to get across to us for us to question
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Unformatted text preview: ourselves. He questions himself, so why not question ourselves as well. I found this reading really confusing however, so I could be way off by saying that. I just feel like that is what made the most sense to me. One question I have is, what made him think this way? What made want to question everything in his life, and not have certainty on anything?...
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