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philo journal 6 - (1 On p 86 Section 2 begins with the...

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(1) On p. 86, Section 2 begins with the title (supplied by the editor) "A New Way of Thinking." How does Kant describe the difference between the old way of thinking and the new way of thinking? If you can, take a stab at telling me what this means (otherwise we'll sort that out in class). (2) On p. 87, Section 3 begins with the title (supplied by our editor) "Empirical and A Priori Knowledge." What does "empirical knowledge" mean? What does "a priori knowledge" mean? Of these two kinds of knowledge, which would be emphasized by Descartes, and which would be emphasized by Hume? (3) On p. 94 we meet the two term "phenomena" and "noumena." As Kant uses these terms, which one refers to things as we experience them? To what does the other term refer? (4) What did you find most interesting and/or important in Kant? (5) What questions about Kant would you like us to address in class discussion? Kant describes the difference between the new way of thinking and the old way of
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