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I found How to date a black girl… extremely interesting. First off, the writing style of this short story made it very fun and entertaining to read. It was kind of like the reader was actually in the mind of this guy, hearing everything he was trying to do to get ready for any potential woman he might have in the house. It seemed to me like he was getting ready for a blind date, and wasn’t actually sure what race or who this girl could be. He was getting ready for any possibility, and wanted to make sure he did everything right. I found a lot of humor in the story. Firstly, the way it written made him seem very
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Unformatted text preview: frantic while trying to get ready. A picture just kinds of builds up in your mind of what this guy could possibly look like trying to get ready for his big date. The government cheese thing made me laugh. Also, the way this guy tries to play off that he is a big shot when he really isnt was pretty funny. Just in general I though this was a good story. It kept me entertained and was just generally funny and a nice change from what we normally read....
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