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study guide exam #1 - Chapter 1 Communication- a system...

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Chapter 1 Communication- a system process in which individuals interact with and through symbols to create and interpret meaning Fantasy Theme- an idea that spins out in a group and captures its social and task foci Intercultural CMM- the branch of communication field that studies communication among people from different cultures, including distinct cultures within a single country Interpersonal CMM- communication between people Intrapersonal CMM- communication with oneself, including self-talk, planning and reflections Meaning- the significance conferred on experiences and phenomena; meaning is constructed, not intrinsic to communication Monitoring- observing and managing our own thoughts, feelings and actions. Monitoring is possible because humans are symbol users Organizational Culture- understandings about identity and codes of thought and action that are shared by members of an organization Process- the quality of being ongoing, in flux, ever changing. Communication is a process Symbol- an arbitrary, ambiguous and abstract representation of other phenomena. Symbols are the basis of language, much nonverbal behavior, and human thought Systemic- related to systems, which are organized and interacting wholes in which all parts interrelate. Communication is systemic Chapter 2 Causal- a form of explanation that asserts that one phenomenon directly determines another Control- the use of explanations and predictions to govern what a phenomenon actually does Correlational- a form of explanation that asserts that two things go together but not that one causes the other Description- one goal of theory; the use of symbols to represent something and identify its parts Explanation- one goal of theorizing; an effort to account for why and/or how something works Heurism- a criterion for evaluating theories; the capacity of a theory to provoke new insights, thoughts and understandings
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study guide exam #1 - Chapter 1 Communication- a system...

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