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Obama takes nomination over fading Clinton WASHINGTON- Senator Barack Obama has officially been named the Democratic presidential nominee after convincingly beating Senator Hillary Clinton in the Montana Primaries on Tuesday. Obama reached the needed 2,024 delegates yesterday when it was released that he beat Clinton in Montana by a nearly 60 percent margin. He also beat her in South Dakota by nearly the same margin. “I couldn’t be happier. The world is ready for change and I’m ready to give them what they want. No offense to Senator Clinton, but I don’t think she was ready for the White House” said Obama in a statement released shortly after the results. The win was pretty much a forgone conclusion for Obama after it was made public that Clinton had had an affair two years ago. She tried to rebound with support from her husband Bill, but the people made their opinions known. “To be honest, she showed that the entire Clinton family is messed up. It’s time for something new in the White House, not the same thing we saw eight years ago” said Mac
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Unformatted text preview: Love, an Obama supporter. Obama took control of the race in March, when he won a string of primaries back to back, to overtake Clinton in the race for delegates. He never gave the lead back, and pulled away in the final month. Obama has ended the race with 2,487 delegates, while Clinton had 1,561. Clinton knew her chances were slim after Obama’s huge March, but she kept on pushing. “I wanted to let America and the world know that I will never give up. I’m happy for Senator Obama and will be pushing for him to be the next president of the United States, but I want everyone to know that my opinion will be heard, and I will push for America to move in the right direction” Clinton said in a public statement shortly after the results were published. Obama will now battle Republican nominee John McCain for the right to become the next president of the United States. McCain secured the Republican nomination way back in March, beating out Mike Huckabee by a huge margin....
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