STUDY GUIDE EXAM 3 - 14,15,18-23,25 14 go over in book...

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14- go over in book. poison enters through ingestion, inhalation, injection and absorbtion ingestion- maintain airway and monitors the pulse. Acid or alkali – couple glasses or water or milk Put victim on back Call poison control Send the suspected poisons to the receiving facility Activated charcoal binds to poisons and makes it so theyre not ingested Shake the charcoal and don’t give them anything to eat or drink after, it will decrease the affectivness PICA—wanting to eat things that aren’t edible (laundry or dirt) 15 stages of alcohol withdrawl: 1) 8 hours in : nausea, sweating, insomnia, tremors 2) 8-72 hours : same as stage 1 + vomiting + illusions or hallucinations 3) usually within 48 hours : major seizures 4) delirium tremors (DT) – occurs within 5 daus of an alcoholics last drink encourage communication and make sure you’re safe. Don’t invade victims space HALLUCINOGENS -LSD, SPECIAL K, PCP, PEYOTE, SHROOMS (bad trip, intense fear, panic) STIMULANTS - caffine - nicotine - Ritalin - Cocaine - ICE (smoked methamphetamine) (alterness, lack of fatigue, appetite suppressant) DEPRESSANTS - alcohol - sleeping pills - muscle relaxers - antihistamines
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STUDY GUIDE EXAM 3 - 14,15,18-23,25 14 go over in book...

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