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Exp Writing 201 Professor Ross 10/1/05 Arizona: Differences in the Desert Arizona is not a major industrial leader. It is not the business headquarters of the nation. Arizona does not house the political demagogues of the United States. It does not offer beautiful coasts of the Atlantic or Pacific oceans and it does not boast itself as one of the many states through which the greatest mountain range of the country rises. Arizona does not share any of these feats, but the state does possess a number of traits that characterize it as an individual. The most well known feature of Arizona is the Grand Canyon, the 1,904 square mile gorge, that spans 277 river miles long and drops nearly a mile at its deepest height (Discovery). Similar to the area of the Grand Canyon, much of Arizona is desert. Within the large desert state of Arizona, there are a number of cities, including Phoenix, the largest city, as well as multiple small towns and rural areas. The different cities, suburban towns and rural areas all have defining qualities that individualize them from one another. Phoenix is the largest city in the state of Arizona. Cities often create visions of skyscrapers, business moguls, congestion, government, professional sports teams and infinite other characteristics. Phoenix is a simpler place. Similar to most states’, it is the center of commerce. But commerce in Phoenix is different from the idea that most people generate with business in mind. Commerce in Phoenix offers a variety of activities ranging from a “new season of free public landscaping and gardening classes” (az central) to “bilingual computer class” (az central). Rockler Woodworking and Hardware of Phoenix display their innovative trends in helping shoppers with their own home furnishing needs (“Store helps do-it- yourselfers.” Arizona Republic 1 Oct. 2005). The small and more personalized business world
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which Phoenix newspapers often capture, represent the city fairly. They portray the largest urban area of Arizona as a commerce capital, but on a lesser scale. The truth of the matter is that Phoenix does not compete with Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Chicago as a major commercialized city. However, Phoenix does have its own big players and those players live in the same industrial world as all other companies. One of those big players is Swift, a major transportation firm. Swift ran into some heavy problems and ended up paying “1.2 million dollars to settle a federal lawsuit over insider stock trading” (Harris, Craig. “Swift chairman Moyes settles with SEC for $1.26 million.” Arizona Republic
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analytical essay - Exp Writing 201 Professor Ross Arizona...

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