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Expository Writing Professor Ross 10/31/05 Boulder, Colorado: The College Town Boulder, Colorado is the home of the University of Colorado. The University of Colorado is a 40,000 plus university comprised of a multitude of students. People come from all across the nation to attend the school and take part in all that the institution has to offer. For some, that means their sole purpose at the school is studying and academics. Others like to enjoy the array of bars, fraternities and other social opportunities that are included in the college experience. A smaller percentage of the students are involved in the athletics of the school. CU has a number of division one teams ranging from football to golf. Each student has the choice to decide what activities to take part in. Apart from the University, Boulder is a town with a small city lifestyle. The town center is a strip of shops, restaurants, and bars and the Rocky Mountains are a short ride away. Although it is not the capital of the state, Boulder offers something for everyone. The University of Colorado, what Boulder is best known for, has a diversity of students. CU is a large school and even though it is not known for its great academics in comparison to the Ivy leagues and other top notch universities, some bright teenagers end up attending because “it costs their parents less money than going out of state” (Interview, Small, Jacqueline). For many students, they find out when they start attending a state school, that the class atmosphere is quite different from their high school experiences. Class sizes range from thirty to over two hundred kids in a single class. For
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many of the kids who are not familiar with this style of teaching or prefer a more intimate class session, they realize that their grades are “just two tests, and if you screw up one of those two tests, then you could be screwed in the class” (Interview, Small, Jacqueline). It can make freshman year a bit scary and overwhelming. Large universities such as U of Colorado teach kids that they really need to be proactive and take the necessary steps to achieve their goals. Teachers are not going to be “checking up on you, like in high school”, so if students are not willing to find out what is required of them, their college tenure could be short-lived (Interview, Small, Jacqueline). On the optimistic side, CU offers everything that a college student could want to study. Different from small liberal arts schools, state schools have the traditional pre-medical and pre-law programs, as well as business and engineering schools. For those confused high school seniors who are not sure what to do with their lives after college, going to a large school like CU provides more options than a small school with a limited number of majors. This way, students can explore classes during their freshman and sophomore years before declaring a major and devoting their studies to one concentrated area. The University of Colorado “was a really good choice for most of the kids in
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Boulder - Expository Writing Professor Ross Boulder...

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