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Answers to Study Guide for Christian Thought Test. 1. The “rational” proofs of God’s existence— Ontological : All humans have an innate sense of a perfect being, a “God” who is “a being that which nothing greater can be conceived”. God is infinite, perfect, and is a necessary existence. One fault to this side is that it automatically assumes that God exists. Cosmological: there must be a prime mover of all things—God is that prime mover, contingency—there must be an explanation for every beginning which is God. Teleological/Design : We can see a divine order in the universe, especially in the intricacies of human life which is sustained; therefore something must have made this world. Voltaire’s “Watchmaker” indicates that the watch is too intricate to have “made itself” spontaneously. Moral: explains human nature which has a sense of right and wrong, an “oughtness”; something must have planted that within us. Historical/Ethnological: it is normal in history to see humans look beyond themselves for something greater which is in control. 2. Thomas Aquinas’s assumptions: the proofs of God’s existence— Eternal law: divine, reason Natural law: applies specifically to people, and how we participate in the eternal law Human law: human convention, applying the natural and eternal laws to how we live in society - preservation of life (abortion would violate human law) - pursuit of truth - peaceful society Divine law: special revelation 3. God as Mother - we don’t have the right to redefine God’s qualities as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. -
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answers to test2 - Answers to Study Guide for Christian...

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