oedipus - to Thebes is told and murder story revealed....

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4/9/06 Literature 232 Professor Nitecki Oedipus: Man of Pride The most precise descriptor of Oedipus’ character is pride. Oedipus is a man bound by his pride. This is first seen in King Oedipus when Oedipus takes it upon himself to rid the plague that is harming the people of Thebes. Oedipus feels that it is his task to do away with the plague. When the people ask him for his help, he tells them that he has already sent a messenger to the gods to determine what he needs to do in order to cleanse the city. Secondly, Oedipus’ pride is even more evident when the tale of his trip
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Unformatted text preview: to Thebes is told and murder story revealed. Traveling along the road Oedipus was thrust aside by a stranger on a carriage and then after striking that man back, he was hit by the driver. Oedipus full of rage for such a small offense killed all men traveling on the carriage. Oedipus was stubborn to move out of the way and his pride held him steadfast in front of the carriage, causing the situation to escalate quickly resulting in five men’s deaths. Oedipus’ pride ultimately was the cause of his family’s destruction and his own downfall....
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