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Professor Ross Expository Writing 201 7 December 2005 Urban America: Violence in the City Cities in America are wondrous and fascinating places. They offer so much to the world. Skyscrapers upon skyscrapers that are visible for miles, never ending night life, the hustle and bustle of workers going to work in the morning and leaving at night, seas of restaurants and foods of all different origins, theatres and monuments, it is all a spectacle to observe. Everything is always going. Including the underworld of the city that is not visible to outsiders. The main part of that underworld is the violence of the city. Violence is ubiquitous nowadays. Anywhere and everywhere signs of hatred, crime, violence, cruelty, and so many other negative symbols can be seen by millions of American citizens. Entertainment, newspapers, school settings and uncountable others all present facets of American violence. These are the growing powers of violence across America. Violence is not contained to one stratum of American society, it can be seen throughout. Country side folk, white suburbia, and city dwellers all commit crimes everyday. But as time has passed, the rates of violence have increased in urban settings more than any other places across the country. People of all different names, faces, ages, backgrounds, races, gender and sexual orientation all reside in the city and all have contributed to the growing crime rate, whether they know it or not. Urban violence and city crime rates are due to many different factors all which make a strong impact. The media, always stirring up controversies, is a major producer of violence and crime in the United States. The media is a powerful force in society today. As
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Americans with rights afforded them by the constitution of the United States of America, the media is allowed to display information of a variety of topics. One of the main topics that media focuses on is violence. This is not a surprising fact considering what affects violence can have on people. A single fight between two people can cause many emotions. Fear, sadness, depression, anxiety, loneliness, anger; these are just a few of the sentiments that result from fighting. If just a fight can manage to cause that, death can certainly have a much larger impact on people. Death is the most tragic event that Americans run into. Watching, hearing, knowing and feeling the loss of an important person in one’s life can be detrimental to the way life is lived. In a number of ways, it is good that the media reports on violence. It is important to mourn the loss of a loved one, to truly realize the importance of life and the role and impact a single person can have on others or society as a whole. However, there are so many people in the world who miss those messages. The kids who are immersed in action movies at an early age and love explosions and violence may see a different message being portrayed by the news. When the media makes violence so widespread and easily obtainable “by the time American
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research paper - Professor Ross Expository Writing 201 7...

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