PHY2020_CHAPTER15 - Chapter 15: Treatment of Psychological...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 15: Treatment of Psychological Disorders Types of Treatment Psychotherapy o Insight therapies Tradition of Freuds psychoanalysis Also callec talk therapy Clients engage in complex verbal interactions with their therapists Main point is to talk about clients difficulties and sort through problems Can be individual or group Family & marital therapy fall into this o Behavior therapies Based on principles of learning introduced in chapter 6 Instead of emphasizing personal insight, one uses direct efforts to change behavior to alter problematic responses (i.e. phobias) and habits (i.e. drug abuse) Different procedures for different problems but most include classic conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational learning o Biomedical therapies This involves intervention into a persons biological functioning Most common treatments are drug therapy and electroconvulsive therapy Most practiced by psychiatrists (medical degree gives right to prescribe medicine) Who Seeks Treatment? 15% of U.S. population in a given year Most common presenting problems o Anxiety and Depression Among the people who perceive to need medical help, only 59% go in to seek professional help Only about half the people who go in for mental health services actually fir the criteria for a mental discorder Women are more likely than men to seek out and receive therapy Medical insurance plays a huge role because it prohibits those who really need it from seeking help (which unfortunately is a big problem) People also associate seeking help with admitting a personal weakness As the level of education increases, so do those who seek help Who Provides Treatment? Clinical psychologists & Counseling psychologists o Emphasize in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders and everyday behavioral problems o Clinical psychologists emphasize on full-fledged disorders o Counseling psychologists emphasize on everyday adjustment problems o Both overlap in training, skills, and their clients o Use insight or behavioral approaches...
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PHY2020_CHAPTER15 - Chapter 15: Treatment of Psychological...

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