Animal Behavior Observation

Animal Behavior Observation - Alwin Bethel Evolution...

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Alwin Bethel Evolution, Behavior, & Ecology Animal Behavior Observation Species identification: Great-tailed Grackle ( Quiscalus mexicanus ) Species description: There were differences in the birds. Some of them had a bluish-black color, and others were more browning-black. Some were also bigger, and had longer tails. The birds with the long tail were almost a foot and a half long; they had a significantly long tail, which was almost as long as the body was. The birds with shorter tails were about one foot long. Both species had yellowish eyes, but the color was more prominent in males. Observation 1 : Saturday, November 18, 2006, 3:00 PM; Austin College, +Sherman, Grayson Co., TX. General habitat type: I observed the first Grackle in the grassy area where Luckett Hall used to be. There were 17 trees in the area between the Jordan Family Language House and Luckett Parking. The whole area was separated form Austin College, by a road that divides it from Dean Hall. The type of habitat the birds reside in would be considered as an Urban Lawn habitat. The weather was cool. Microhabitat: The birds were kind of huddled together in the middle of the land, but were scattered around the whole middle portion. There were about five or six of them there. Many stayed close to one of the trees there. The tree was surrounded by dirt. The area seemed to be dry. The grass wasn’t green, and the area seemed like it hadn’t been maintained. Behavior:
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Animal Behavior Observation - Alwin Bethel Evolution...

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