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BIO 115 EXAM 1 Name______ KEY _________________________ Multiple Choice. From the choices given, put the letter corresponding to the BEST answer in the space provided. 2 pts. each. __ C ___ 1) Increased milk production in cattle and the amazing variation seen in the size of dogs are both examples of: A) comparative morphology B) comparative molecular biology C) artificial selection D) geographic evidence for evolution E) observed examples of natural selection in nature __ E ___ 2) Which of the following best describes the term theory as used by scientists? A) a non-predictive hypothesis B) an educated guess C) an untested hypothesis D) a disproved hypothesis that needs to be retested E) a hypothesis that is supported by a great deal of evidence __ C ___ 3) Which of the following influenced the thinking of both Darwin and Wallace? A) Oparin B) Mendel C) Malthus D) Margulis E) Gould _ C ____ 4) Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an organism? A) Homeostasis B) Cellular Organization C) Homology D) Adaptation E) Growth _ D ____ 5) Lions and tigers were talked about in class as an example of A) Convergent evolution B) Geographic isolation C) Genetic drift D) Habitat isolation E) Anagenesis __ E ___ 6) Who developed the idea of the scale naturae ? A) Darwin B) Lamarck C) Anaximander D) Goethe E) Aristotle __ A ___ 7) The type of selection that favors individuals near the population mean is called A) stabilizing selection B) directional selection C) conservative selection D) diversifying selection E) bimodal selection __ C ___ 8) The term ‘genetic drift’ refers to A) the exchange of genetic material between two populations B) movement of a population away from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium C) random changes in the genotypes of a small population D) influence of two non-allelic genes on the same phenotypic trait E) process by which a species becomes adapted to its environment
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Exam_1_key - BIO 115 EXAM 1 Name_KEY_ Multiple Choice. From...

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