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EATS 3001 Assignment 1

EATS 3001 Assignment 1 - found the piece comments on the...

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CSE3002 and CSE3001 Organization and Management Seminar Assignment #1 Sept. 21, 2005 Due at our next class: Oct 19, 2005 Our first talk is about object oriented programming. You are to find one article or piece on OOP that relate to the talk given today by our speaker Bob Nemec. You are to review the piece and provide a one page (8 ½ by 11) summary which should include the reference title, the author and the publishing information, where and how you
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Unformatted text preview: found the piece, comments on the reliability of the article, and a one paragraph (not more than 10 lines or 120 words) on how this article compares to, or contrasts with, the talk by Mr. Nemec. Your mark on this small assignment will partly be based on the uniqueness of the article; thus if many students hand in the same article your mark will be lower. You are to hand in your hardcopy summary stapled to a copy of the actual article....
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