Persuasive Speech - Why a Playoff System is better for...

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Why a Playoff System is better for college football than the BCS By Daniel Stykitus (BE ON FIRST SLIDE!) Intro: College football (sigh), I don’t need to tell you guys from the South how great and exciting it really is. However, College football has one major flaw. It’s called the BCS or Bowl Championship Series. In a show of hands how many people know about the BCS? If you don’t know about the BCS or college Football just remember that this affects you because you are a college student and college athletes your age or younger who play football are being affected by the BCS. Today, I will tell you about how the BCS is an inaccurate way of determining a College Football champion. First, I will discuss the BCS and its major flaws. Second, I will provide a solution to the problem of the BCS and suggest a playoff system be put in place. First, the BCS has tremendous flaws. (Queue 2 nd slide) As reported by Fox Sports 2006 the BCS began in 1998 to determine a college football national champion while still maintaining the current system of bowl games which has been around 100 years. However, the BCS has been nothing but controversy since it began and has had problems determining ONE True National Champion. The Authors, Callaghan, Mucha, and Porter of The Bowl Championship Series: A Mathematical Review in 2004 stated the obvious problems in 2000, 2001, and 2004 in which more than a few teams had viable arguments
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Persuasive Speech - Why a Playoff System is better for...

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