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Hand I Problem: I have to make a Flex sensor to Serial Interface port. Design: In order to simulate to the serial port I will be using the HyperTerminal. I also am using a 8051 trainer. This has max232 chip to regulate the voltage going in and out of the serial port. This also has pull up resistors in Port 1. I am only using port 0 for my simulation. It also has a serial out connector on it. I am using a serial to usb connector so that I can use my computer to do the simulation. I starting by hooking up a voltage divider with the flex sensor through a comparator. This outputs either 0 or 5 volts depending on how far the finger is flexed. When flexed it
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Unformatted text preview: outputs 5 volts. The comparator goes directly into P0.0. I have written code so that when P0.0 receives a 1 it will output a string in the HyperTerminal. I tested this in the lab and was successful with outputting my name in the HyperTerminal after a flex finger. My schematic is attached and shows how I hooked this up. Verification: Jeff saw it working. It worked at a baud rate of 4800 from the serial to the HyperTerminal. Then flex sensor output a string onto the screen which verifies that my design will work....
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