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Formative and Summative 2 - Educational Psychology...

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Educational Psychology Formative vs. Summative Assessment In education, students are evaluated by their participation in class, work they do, and how they perform on test. The two types of assessments that are used are formative and summative assessment. Formative assessment is a self reflective process that intends to promote student achievement. It is a process between teacher and student to enhance, recognize, and respond to the learning. Summative assessment is the assessment of the learning, and summarizes the development of learners at a particular time. With the debate about which assessment is more effective, I believe that formative assessment is a better way to assess students. The way formative assessment is presented seems to give students a chance to reflect on what they know thus far. Unlike summative assessment, which assesses students after a period of work, which could be up to 4 weeks, and then test the students, and be given a grade. Formative assessment gives a review that is ongoing, dynamic, and more frequent. They are assessed with a simpler test more frequently than with a major exam after a longer period of time. With formative assessment, students are able to take in the material much easier, and be able to
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Formative and Summative 2 - Educational Psychology...

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