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Scriptues Test Essay 2 - Scriptures Essay Covenants of...

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Scriptures Essay Covenants of Genesis The three covenants stated in Genesis are god’s covenant with Adam, with Noah and with Abraham. In God’s covenant with Adam, he creates Adam and Eve telling them to “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it. He states that they can stay in the Garden of Eden as long as they don’t eat fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When the serpent tells Eve that she can eat from the tree she does so and shares it with Adam. God finds out about this and is very angry. Because of this, the serpent is cursed and Eve is cursed with the pain of childbirth and must submit to her husband’s authority. Adam is cursed to toil and work the ground for food. Adam blames God for letting this happen because the woman was the one God had created. This covenant was successful for a while being that God created man and woman but letting them do as they please and giving them the chance to even eat from the tree was a failure. Emphasizing that Adam shouldn’t eat from the tree shows that this may be a flaw. This would have been successful if the tree would just have been excluded from the garden. The second covenant was between God and Noah. Because God is upset with the way humanity
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Scriptues Test Essay 2 - Scriptures Essay Covenants of...

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