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Amos Elijah Essay 2 - Compare/Contrast, Amos and Elijah In...

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Compare/Contrast, Amos and Elijah In the Book of Amos and 1 st Kings, Amos and Elijah compare and contrast in their prophetic careers. In the First Kings, the Lord tells Elijah to go away from here and hide himself because of a drought. He never runs out of food because the ravens bring it to him and he drinks from the wadi. He then goes to Zarephath, where a widow feeds him. When her son becomes ill and dies, Elijah takes him upstairs and cries out to the lord to let the child’s life come into him again. God answers back and revives him. When his mom sees that her son is alive again, she states that the word of the Lord in his mouth is true. The word of the lord comes to Elijah in the third year of the drought saying to present himself to Ahab and he will send rain on the earth. Ahab summons Obadiah to look for grass or water for the animals. They split and Obadiah runs into Elijah and fell on his face. He explains for him to go tell his lord that Elijah was there. He refers to Elijah as the troubler of Israel. He responds by saying that it was Ahab who has troubled Israel by allowing the worship of false gods. Elijah asks for all Israel and commandments to assemble at Mount
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Amos Elijah Essay 2 - Compare/Contrast, Amos and Elijah In...

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