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The Gospels of Matthew and Luke 2

The Gospels of Matthew and Luke 2 - Scriptures Essay The...

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Unformatted text preview: Scriptures Essay The Gospels of Matthew and Luke Matthew traces Jesus’ ancestors back to the biblical patriarch Abraham, the founding father of the Israelite people. Matthew describes Jesus’ conception, when his mother, Mary, was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit. This gospel focuses very little on Mary, and praises Joseph for abandoning his wife. Matthew is careful to point out that Jesus’ teachings are compatible with Judaism, and to insist that Jesus’ life fulfills Old Testament. Matthew portrays Jesus as a second, greater Moses, an important prophet in the Old Testament. Just as Moses gave his law from Mount Sinai in the Old Testament, Jesus preaches his new laws in a sermon he gives from a mountain. Likes Moses, the young Jesus hides in Egypt from the wrath of a vengeful. Finally, Jesus is tempted for forty days and forty nights in the wilderness. Matthew further emphasizes Jesus’ ties to Jewish tradition by tracing Jesus’ ancestry to Abraham, the father of the...
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