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Lobotomy – destruction and/or lesion of an organ/area of an organ, rendering it useless or severely compromised. Delgado – José Delgado was a showy matador/scientist that wanted to find the taming center of the brain. By using an electrode he drilled into a bull’s caudate, he sent an electric shock into its brain, causing it to turn right and stop any aggressive behavior. He concluded that the caudate was the taming center of the brain, when in fact he was merely physically tapping into the primary motor cortex of the brain. Evolution of brain areas and how it relates to complexity of behavior – the brain stem is the most primitive brain structure. The more complex the personality and behavior means the more complex the brain of the creature. Specifically, the forebrain and cortices are more complex. Planes of section (coronal, sagittal) – Coronal: slice of bread cut in slices from front to back of head (nose to back). Sagittal: longitudinal slices, cut in several slices from ear to ear.
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biosci35-midterm1sg - History & anatomy: Lobotomy...

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