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Medical Anthropology Midterm Study Guide (Coffman) 1. What do we mean by cultural relativism? What does this mean for the study of sickness cross-culturally? [short-answer] -Learning/talking/studying about a culture from the perspective of that culture. -Take an active perspective in the context of that culture to determine the belief behind the cause of sickness and appropriate cures. 2. Describe the terms “illness” and “disease” as used by medical anthropologists. [short-answer] -Illness is the experience of suffering in a cultural context; a person’s belief of causality, course, and cure for their symptoms. -Disease is the physical and biological imperfection/imbalance in the body that causes the illness. 3. What is a culture-bound syndrome? What are two culture-bound syndromes learned about in class? [short-answer] -Culture-bound syndrome = illness recognized only by a specific culture (within that culture); there isn’t necessarily something wrong with the person that can be seen outside of the culture. -Latah: Malaysian women getting scared and losing soul, causing them to mimic other people, uncharacteristically. (Lose control of their behavior, follow any order) -Susto: Folk illness involving soul loss due to a spirit (in Indian cultures), or just your spirit being frightened away (in other cultures). The person will then have personality distortion including various deviant behaviors such as restlessness/loss of appetite/disinterest in appearance/hygiene. 4.
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Midterm+study+guide+for+Medical+Anthropology - Medical...

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