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Guiding Questions: Foundations of Science Module #1 Science in Perspective Overview: In this introductory module students will be challenged to think of the role of science within the framework of the biblical worldview and biblical authority . Science and technology are powerful forces and consequently influence and largely shape the worldview of many individuals today. For believers, the authority of science is often held to be equal to biblical authority. Alternatively, a biblical view of science shows that it is a gift from God and a valid way of knowing about God and His creation, but it does not rise to the level of the trustworthiness, perspicuity and authority of scripture. Reading: Wise, Faith Form and Time , chapters 1 and 2 Ratzsch, Science and Its Limits , pages 152-159 Mayhue, Is Nature the 67 th Book of the Bible (online handout) Wise chapters 1 and 2 1 What physical limitations (time constraints) inhibit man’s ability to be an effective eyewitness and consultant regarding the issues of “origins?” Man was not present at the creation of anything else that was created since they were created on the sixth and final day of creation and so cannot be an eye witness to it. 2 What aspects of human nature limit man’s ability to be a reliable eyewitness? All knowledge of the world must be gathered through the five senses which are limited. Our senses detect more information than can be transferred to the brain. The brain can only store a certain amount of information. As humans we have physiological limitations that obscure our senses. Language in unclear and imprecise and cannot fully communicate the details of a witnessed event. 3 What aspects of God’s nature and His existence make Him the best and most reliable witness of creation and origins? God is the best witness because He was there, He caused creation and He continues to sustain it. He also created man and his ability to understand language, so He would be most qualified to express the events of creation to humanity through language. 4 According to Wise a study of Romans 1-3 shows that all humans are convinced of two things. What are they? Do they need to be exposed to scripture to know of these things? He says the Romans 1-3 shows that all men know that they are sinners and they know that there is a creator. He says these truths can be known apart from scripture.
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Finished__guiding_questions_1.0_science_in_perspective -...

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