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Zachary Ben Arwood-Levine Deviance in US Society 1004 TA: Jesse M. Smith Student Id: 830-26-7711 Identify: 1. Absolutist 2. Relativist 3. Social Power Apply: 1. A group of Smurfs who see Lazy Smurf as a god and completely disagree with the idea of everyone doing hard work has banded together in the Smurf village. They believe that hard work has no positive outcome and that it only can corrupt and weaken the Smurf village. So as a result they went to the village council and have proposed a new law from banning all hard work from the village without any exceptions. Their ultimate goal is punish any Smurf to the highest degree for committing the crime of hard work. 2. When the absolutist Smurf group appeared some of the abolitionist started to come to the conclusion that hard work can be either good or bad and that either view can be considered right. As a result they branched off the absolutist group and started their own.
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Unformatted text preview: After recruiting other minds with the same view they discussed their ideas they published a book describing their ideas. Some ideas initialed such things as hard work could lead to a lack of social life and mental instability or hard work could put someone higher in society if there were no equalitarian government. 3. Hard work really affects a select few Smurfs who have aspirations of holding higher power status. Within the equalitarian village everyone does the same amount of hard work so that means no Smurf could be superior over others. This specially affects the Smurfs who want to make large amounts of money and want to sit back on their investment and watch it grow. So Smurf who own large business, Smurfs who hold high status in the village council, and even Smurfs of religious establishments have banded together to try and fight equalitarianism and more prominently hard work....
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