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Guiding Questions: Foundations of Science Module #10 Intelligent Design and Creationism Overview: Proponents of Intelligent design and creationism believe that nature bears the hallmark of design and a designer/creator. The intelligent design movement is a movement which has as its primary goal to expose the deficiencies of Darwinian gradualism by showing that it is inadequate to explain the existence of design and complexity in nature. Creationism is a concept which flows from a literal interpretation and plain reading of scripture and includes the idea that design is an important concept, however creationism is much broader than intelligent design in many ways. There is a lot of overlap between these two movements and the ideas they espouse. Kurt Wise outlines the ideas of creationism in his text. In class we will learn more about intelligent design. And you can find out more about intelligent design at Reading: Wise chapters 10-15 Selected papers at (although we won’t cover the intelligent design movement on this guiding question form, you are encouraged to read more about ID at the main website of the intelligent design movement). Wise, chapter 10 1 How long was the edenian epoch? 70 to 100 years. 2 According to the Genesis account what is the location of the waters above the firmament? The waters are located even beyond the furthest stars. 3 What is Rodinia? It is a theoretical supercontinent, made up of all of the land masses of the earth. 4 Is the Edenic River which is split into four branches observable today? No. 5 Why can we postulate that natural geological evil did not occur before the flood? It can be postulated because earthquakes and volcanoes seem to be a part of God’s judgment on the world for sin and occurred as residual effects of the flood. 6 According to Genesis what was man allowed to eat? Man was allowed to eat plants before the fall, meat eating only occurred afterwards. 7 Biblically what is the difference between plants and animals? The Bible describes only God, men and animals to be alive, plants are never thought of as living.
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8 What is the significance of the olive branch brought back by the dove? The olive branch was brought back, even though the Bible says that every living thing upon the ground had been destroyed, so obviously the Bible doesn’t consider plants as “living”. 9 List the creatures which are probably not considered to be biblically alive? Plants, fungi, protests, algae and bacteria. Wise, chapter 11 10 What was the curse a direct result of? God’s response to the sin of man. 12 What was the full extent of the curse? The curse extended corruption to the whole universe. 13 The second law of thermodynamics affected complex systems in what way? It causes energy to be lost in the form of heat, and therefore any system, even the
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