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Test 2 Study Guide - 1 Significant consequences of sin...

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1. Significant consequences of sin. There is a separation between God and man, there is a separation within man (death separates the physical from the spiritual, there is an eternal separation for those who are unsaved. 2. Extent and Impact of sin. Sin has extended to every part of man, no man con commend himself to God. Not even one man seeks God. It effects his heart and his mind because he was born in sin and is therefore dead in sin. The offence is against God, other men and oneself, it is totally offensive and totally awful. 3. Concise theological definition of sin: Sin is any lack of personal conformity to the moral character and desire of God. 4. The angels fell sometime prior to the fall of men and their sin seems to be pride which led to rebellion against God. 5. Anthropomorphism: The ascription of human characteristics to non-human things or beings. 6. The results of the first sin. It resulted in shame because of their guilty conscience, and opened eyes to the wrong they had done. 7. Original Sin: The sinful state or condition into which every human being is born. 8. Actual Sin: The sins of act, thought or word that human beings commit. 9. Original Guilt:
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Test 2 Study Guide - 1 Significant consequences of sin...

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