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Test 1 Study Guide - 1. Idealistic Anthropologies consider...

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Idealistic Anthropologies consider the human being to be basically spirit, his physical body foreign to his human nature . 2. Materialistic Anthropologies view man as being a completely material entity, whose mental, spiritual and emotional states are simply by products of a material structure. 3. Old Testament Terminology: Adam: i) Adam = the first “man” ii) “mankind” = generic term for race iii) “man, men (pl.)” = individuals iv) ben adam: ”son of man” is often used to stress man’s creaturely limitations ish: i) “man” and individual male ii) husband iii) “each” = individualizing term enosh: i) “man, men, mankind” ii) ”mortal” geber / gibbor: i) ”man” in his strength ii) a ”male” child iii) “man” as a warrior 4. New Testament Terminology: Anthropos: i) “man” as a human being, distinct from other created beings ii) “man” as a male in certain contexts Note: generally emphasizes physical weakness and transitoriness. Aner: i) “man” = an adult male ii) husband iii) “man” = the human species in general 5. Terms used for imago dei: Tselem: “ image, likeness, semblance” or statue, copy, drawing, model” Demuth: “likeness, similitude” or “pattern, shape” 6. Imago Dei: Substantive View: powers of personality that make humans like God. Relational View:
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Test 1 Study Guide - 1. Idealistic Anthropologies consider...

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