Descartes Actual Reading

Descartes Actual Reading - whether real or imagined he...

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INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY --QUESTIONS ON POJMAN-- DESCARTES, Part III, chapter 15, pp. 495-96 (1st Meditation), 503-16 (3rd  through 5th Meditation) 1.      What troubled Descartes and how did he set out to resolve it? He was troubled that much of what he was taught in his education was filled with doubt and falsity. He went out into the world to try to learn from the people of the world a system that would work in all areas but he found none so he resolved to take his leisure time to rework the system of knowledge from the most basic of concepts which could not be doubted. 2.      What did he end up doubting? He ended up doubting everything, because it was based on shaky foundational principles. 3.      What could he not doubt and why? He could not doubt that he exists, because he could think about things and sense things
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Unformatted text preview: whether real or imagined, he exists. 4. Descartes makes two assumptions that would not be widely accepted today. What are they? 5. What does Descartes believe about the reliability of "natural light"? 6. Of what sorts of things does he think he has clear and distinct ideas? What is the significance of clear and distinct ideas for Descartes? 7. How does Descartes attempt to prove God's existence from the quality of the idea of God? 8. What is the significance of Descartes's belief that the idea of God cannot be separated from the idea of his existence? Do you think Descartes's proof of God is valid? **end of study guide**...
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Descartes Actual Reading - whether real or imagined he...

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