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Tarnas IV - INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY Study Guide, Tarnas...

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INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY Study Guide, Tarnas Section 4 Dr. Morley 1. Why was scholarship so difficult up until the early middle ages? ( Invasions, lack of classical texts, etc.; p. 171-2) 2. How did Christianity discourage learning of liberal arts? (172) It focused solely on the primacy of the Scripture and discouraged learning apart from it except to understand it better. 3. Why did the culture change ( guilds, contacts with other cultures, inventions and new power sources etc.) and how ( democratic organization of society, new respect for how the mind can subduenature and yield useful knowledge)? (173) 4. What changed in Christianity that encouraged learning? (cf. Hughof St. Victor, development of the summae, consequent rise of universities; 175-8) Hughof St. Victor said that learning of the liberal arts was a necessary foundation for learning about God. The summae were encyclopedic treatises aimed at comprehending all of reality. The same concept of learning all was the basis for the rise of universities. 5. How did the rediscovery of Aristotle influence people like Albertus Magnus and his pupil, Aquinas? (178) They still were loyal to biblical theology, but they began to see more value in science and the independent values of theology and science. 6. How did the "evangelical" mindset of the Franciscan and Dominican orders lead to a dialogue with secular thought? (179) How did it lead to an appreciation for knowledge? They taught that the Word of God was not a remote truth, but one that by its nature required entrance into the world. Knowledge simply affirms the creators intelligence and the order and beauty of His created world. 7. What was Aquinas' view of faith and reason, and why did it
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Tarnas IV - INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY Study Guide, Tarnas...

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