Tarnas V - Kyle Malcolm INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY Study...

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Kyle Malcolm INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY Study Guide, Tarnas section 5 1. What Factors Produced the Renaissance? p. 224f. An explosion of knowledge, creativity and exploration made people believe in the value of man and life on earth. 2. How was man regarded? p. 224. What part did the printing press play? What was "decompartmentalization?" p. 230. Man was regarded as something valuable and dignified. The printing press made learning more highly available. Decompartmentalization maintained no strict definitions between realms of human knowledge and experience. 3. What factors produced the Reformation? p. 233f. What did individualism have to do with it? p. 233 Moral decline of the Papacy, new surge of religious rigor in the North of Europe, Neglect of the truth of scripture, selling of indulgences. Individualism reached religion when Luther said that anyone can interpret scripture. 4. What was the fundamental question of the Reformation? p. 239. Deciding who had Christian authority, the Pope and the church, or all believers. 5. How did the Reformation ultimately affect secularization? p. 240 It opened the way for religious pluralism by allowing believers to decide on their own. 6. How did it purge culture of Hellenic thought? p. 241 (cf. divine rationality and final causes). How did this pave the way for modern science? p. 241, par. 3 It widened the gap between Creator and creature, removing divine rationality and final causes. It separated the divinity from creation and looked at it in a much more naturalistic way.
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Tarnas V - Kyle Malcolm INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY Study...

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