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Lecture 1 STDY guide - scientific reasoning reductio ad...

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PHILOSOPHY Lecture One, Study Guide Know the following concepts: analytic philosophy speculative philosophy phenomenology existential Know the following types of reasoning: inductive reasoning (what is a strong inductive argument? [It is an inductive argument in which the premises make truth of the conclusion highly likely] deductive reasoning (what is a sound argument? [It is a deductive argument in which the reasoning is valid and the premises are true; in a sound argument, the conclusion has to be true])
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Unformatted text preview: scientific reasoning reductio ad absurdum Know the main idea or movement associated with the following thinkers: Bacon Kierkegaard G.E. Moore Bertrand Russell Heidigger Husserl Wittgenstein What are these fields about? Metaphysics Aesthetics Political philosophy Logic Ethics Philosophy of Religion Epistemology Philosophy of Mind Why study philosophy? What role does philosophy have in apologetics **End of Study Guide**...
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