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ISE 312 – Manufacturing Systems II                   Name:___KEY                                Spring 2007 Exam #1 March 2007 Question 1 – 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Points 2 ea. 12 12 11 11 12 12 10 Please circle the one best answer that satisfies each question unless multiple answers are specified in the question. 1 . The location of a warehouse is important since it determines the cost of transportation. The plot should be large enough to handle current truck traffic and future expansions. Which one of the following shapes for warehouse building design has proven to be very efficient at giving the shortest average distance to be traveled during pickup and distribution operations when the units having about the same demand are stored over the entire floor evenly? (2) a. Square b. Diamond c. Rhombus d. Rectangle e. Parallelogram 2. Which one of the following describes a section of a manufacturing system where there are numerous servers in parallel with exponential service times and with exponential inter-arrival times to the system? The capacity of this system is infinite. (No arrival is turned away). (2) a. E/E/M b. M/M/1 c. M/M/C d. E/E/C e. M/M/C/k 3. Two workers receive units for service from an accumulator line. The main conveyor feeds the accumulator as long as it has room to accommodate a unit. If the accumulator is full, the units continue on the main conveyor and are processed later by a relief worker. If the units arrive at the accumulator line following a Poisson distribution with parameter λ = 8 units / minute and the probability that the line is full at any given moment is 0.10, what is the effective arrival rate for this service area? (2) a. 0.6 (1 - .10) = Can Accept b. 5.4 (8 x (1 – .10)) = 7.2 c. 6.0 d. 10.8 - 1 -
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e. None of the above ISE 312 – Manufacturing Systems II 4. Which one of the following concepts is based on the fact that it is more economical to move items and materials in groups than individually? It is defined as the number of items arranged such that they can be handled as a single object. (2) a. Unit Load b. MRP c. Degrees of Mechanization d. JIT e. Banking 5. Automated storage retrieval systems can increase a warehouse’s capacity and efficiency. Which one of the following is considered a characteristic property of these high-rise storage systems? (2) a. Many employees needed for maintenance b. Loose tolerances in construction c. Heights are usually around 18 feet d. Low initial investment e. Minimizes pilferage 6. A Relationship chart is similar to which one of the following? (2) a. Closeness Chart b. Node Representation c. Grid Formulation d. Mileage Chart e. Process Layout 7. Which one of the following plant layouts is illustrated on the last page of this exam? (2) a. Flexible Manufacturing System Layout b. Product Layout c. Fixed Position Layout d. Group Technology Layout e. Process Layout 8. A grid formulation can be used to evaluate potential plant layouts. The shortest distance
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ISE312_Mid-Exam_07_Key - ISE 312 Manufacturing Systems II...

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