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ISE212 Engineering Computing: MATLAB Spring_2007 Homework #1B Due: Monday >>> 2/26 Use the digital drop-box in blackboard to hand-in your HW to the TA. 1. A catenary is a uniform cable, fixed at its two ends, which supports its own weight (See sketch below). A catenary cable is attached at points P 1 2 . The attachment points are at a height h 1 and h 2 along an arbitrary y -axis. The x-y coordinates are arbitrary except that the y -axis must align with the down direction and the x -axis must have its zero point at an x -value corresponding to the lowest point of the catenary cable. The lowest point of the catenary cable is at a y -value of b . In the coordinate system described, the path of the catenary cable can be described as the following: y( x ) = b cosh( x /b) Write an executable script file (m-file) that takes no input and returns the heights of the two attachment points: the y -coordinate of P 1 and the y -coordinate of P 2 . In addition, create a plot of the catenary curve that the cable follows. Your plot must assume the following qualities: (Name your m-file>>> catenary.m). grid on b = 15; P1_x = -30; P2_x = 50; plot Δ x = .01 Title: Catenary Curve >>> bold, italics, font size 18 x-axis label: X-axis >>> bold, font size 16 y-axis label:
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ISE212_HW1B_Answers - ISE212 Homework #1B Engineering...

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