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Social Science Methodology Paper

Social Science Methodology Paper - Andy Urtz AMST 101...

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Andy Urtz November 25, 2007 AMST 101 Social Science Methodology Paper There are many different ways to do research . People use videos, books, magazines , newspaper articles , and encyclopedias to gather all the necessary information they need to complete their paper . Another great way to do research is through oral sources . Oral histories have many benefits and challenges that make them very distinct from other types of research . Although other sources are great ways to get reliable information for a paper , oral research provides different perspectives based on the interviewees specific experiences from the time . Through oral research , new perspectives can give an exciting spin on history that might seem boring or mundane . Oral research provides many benefits that other forms of research cannot provide . Through oral research, specific perspectives that aren’t provided by historically correct sources are realized . People who lived during the time have personal experiences that make the history more interesting . Text books provide information that was checked and double checked by experts in their respective fields, but people make great story tellers . The person you are interviewing can give you very specific details about being involved in a march, or a sit - in that a text book just doesn’t provide . Text sources can’t fully convey the mood of the experience , or the emotions being felt by the people on both sides. By asking the
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interviewee specific questions about their experiences you can feel the pride when they talk of something they were apart of , and the fear they felt about doing something that wasn’t the social norm .
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Social Science Methodology Paper - Andy Urtz AMST 101...

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