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leadership paper 1 - Josh Weaver 1/31/08 Leadership Action...

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Josh Weaver 1/31/08 Leadership Action Question: Treating leadership as a relationship has ethical implications. How could adding the relationship approach to your leadership make you a better leader? Discuss. As Dr. Northouse explained in class, another and somewhat unusual way to think about leadership is as a relationship. By this I took it to mean a connection between the leader and his followers, or a boss and his workers, or a priest and his parishioners. Leadership is defined by the relationships you make with your followers in hopes that the connection you’ve established motivates them in your mind’s direction. This is much less a question about how could your leadership benefit by adding relationships, but how could it function with out them. The notion that a leader could have followers without any sense of a relationship with them is preposterous. Strong leadership is founded upon these connections and they are similar to the caulk that holds together the bricks of an establishment. When a leader creates a goal in which followers are need to accomplish, the leader must find a way to motivate them towards the finish line, or in the way of Bill Gates, the direction of the finish line because there can never be a final GOAL, but another milestone to pass. Once the leader has followers interested it is essential for the in-charge to maintain this status and help motivate those lower. This motivation has many forms, but a positive relationship is key.
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leadership paper 1 - Josh Weaver 1/31/08 Leadership Action...

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