ADV 318J Project #3 - ADV 318J - Fall 2007 Ad Selected:...

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ADV 318J -- Fall 2007 Name: Tyler Bergin Ad Selected: Bose SoundDock Portable Lab: W6 Print Advertising Evaluation Form 1. Using the circulation demographic information provided plus your own analysis of the ad you selected, define the target audience for the ad (maximum of 50 words). Note that the target audience for the ad consists of some subset of readers of The New Yorker . In discussing the ad, abbreviate bp (bp), Bose (B), and Nissan Murano (NM). TARGET AUDIENCE : The B print ad is mainly targeting middle age males and females who graduated college and now hold white-collar jobs. Also The New Yorker’s main audience, these upper-middle and upper class citizens want to hear the highest quality sound possible because they don’t expect anything but the best. 2. Evaluate the headline, illustration, body copy and layout/design of the ad by discussing its strengths and weaknesses. Under each of these elements discuss why you feel the selected ad would be effective or ineffective and explain why. HEADLINE : Overall, the headline, “Bose SoundDock Portable,” does a really poor job in communicating with the target audience. This headline produces absolutely no recall value which is key to any great advertising campaign. Being the most important aspect of a print ad, the headline should really grab the reader’s attention. I felt that if I had been skimming through this magazine I would have flipped past this page just as quickly as I got to it. I would mainly attribute this to the very dull, featureless color scheme and font. The headline, however, does state the brand name and the product
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ADV 318J Project #3 - ADV 318J - Fall 2007 Ad Selected:...

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