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observation essay - Steve O'Neil Comp 9-10 26 October 2007...

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Steve O’Neil Comp 9-10 26 October 2007 Observation Essay Into A Foreign Land The room was dim lit, with the exception of Christmas lights hanging up along the corners of the ceiling. The bass of rap music was thumping in my ear nonstop, and the chatter of what sounded like chipmunks was heard all around me. Yes, I was witnessing something that most guys will never in their lives see; four girls preparing for a night on the town. I must admit, I was scared going in there, I honestly did not know what to expect. I am doing this for guys around the world so that they may see how women act in their natural environment. So I sat down with my laptop ready to take some mad notes, the four girls emerge from their room, all of them singing the same song, certain girls sang different parts of the song so I could tell that they had done this many times before. They were obviously excited about having a good time tonight. One of them pranced into her room to get ready while the others still sat singing (one of them was painting her nails on the kitchen countertop). They apparently got sick of the song because they suddenly erupted into a small burst of girl talk. Now I cannot honestly promise you that I understood what they were saying since they were talking about a mile a minute, but hopefully I got the gist of it. From what I could tell just about all of their conversation revolved around the guys that they were going to see that night; guys that they hoped would be there, guys that they wished weren’t coming, guys they liked, guys they didn’t
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observation essay - Steve O'Neil Comp 9-10 26 October 2007...

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