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Hymn to Demeter - How powerful is Zeus? Pg. 9-10, Zeus never himself approaches Demeter, perhaps because he’s afraid that he will not be able to reconcile her in front of the other gods Could Zeus have forced Demeter to stop the famine? It is unlikely as no other god could do Demeter’s job. The fact that Zeus did not foresee this disaster adds instability to what kind of power he really has. The Odyssey line 9, book 1, (“from some point…”), informs the reader that this story will not be told in a chronological or organized manner line 19, book 1, (“he remained relentlessly angry”), these events have already taken place lines 62-68, book 1, Zeus’ power is questioned, is he really almighty? lines 76-79, book 1, implies that Zeus needs back up to persuade Poseidon Why does Athena care so much about Odysseus??? Athena drives Telemachos and Odysseus in the right direction, but could not help Odysseus at sea because she did not want to anger Poseidon
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