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Happy Medium paper 1 - Sarah Duchow Multi Cultural Lit....

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Sarah Duchow Multi Cultural Lit. First Formal Essay 27 February 2008 “The Happy Medium” My best friend and her family moved to the US when from Jamaica when she was nine. Her father did his best to instill in his children the same sense of pride and respect for his heritage and his history that his parents had instilled in him. He taught them that it was important to never lose sense of who you are and never assimilate to what the American people expect you to be. He felt this way because he father had been taught from a young age that the white man could not be trusted. That going to America meant that the people would then expect you to be “American,” and not only that but he would be placed into a sort of caste system where he would be seen as nothing more than an “African American,” and he could never escape that. He would have to dress and speak differently to obtain good jobs and earn the life that he wanted. He would have to assimilate. So he made a point to his children that the color of their skin made them special, their accent made them special, their history made them special. He told them to get along the best they could with the white children, but never in a million years did he believe that one day his only daughter would plan on marrying one. However, she did not see the same world her father did. She felt accepted into the white community, especially
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Happy Medium paper 1 - Sarah Duchow Multi Cultural Lit....

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