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assignment 1 - Assignment 1 Assignment 1 Culinary Arts Mr...

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Assignment Assignment 1 Culinary Arts Mr Cronin February 7, 2008 1
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Assignment The Culinary arts are usually seen as an art form rather then a business when in a way business is very much part of the culinary arts. With out business the chefs would be out of a job just like any other job with no business. There are many things that have made culinary what it is today, and many traditions that have been passed on throughout the culinary world. The first of which is Professionalism, now a person can be professional in many different ways but in the world of culinary there are a few things that are key to being “professional”. Starting with courtesy, if you show no courtesy to the customer they will feel as if they have been disrespected, the same goes for respect. Discipline if your kitchen has no discipline in it your workers will feel like they can do what ever they want and keep the kitchen looking however they want which can be murder on the sanitation side of the kitchen. Working as a team is also very important because if you are not organized you will mess up orders and in return get angry customers which is something no restaurant wants. You need to make sure that you and your employees have a sense of pride while working at your restaurant, if you have pride in where you work it will show through your customer service, and good customer service leads to keeping your customers happy. A person can get into the culinary arts in two different ways first they can get a formal education get certified, then move on to a higher level of education through that they need to establish a professional network. Some may look at the path and feel like it
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assignment 1 - Assignment 1 Assignment 1 Culinary Arts Mr...

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