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Criminology 4-15-08

Criminology 4-15-08 - Drift o Makes delinquency[possible...

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Drift o Makes delinquency [possible], but does not require it Does not supply irreversible commitment or compulsion Will o Delinquency is not only epiphenomenally “behavior” Is it [action] – more specifically, an infraction Rule-breaking behavior committed by people who.. o Know the nature of the deed o Are aware of the rules they are breaking Made “permissible “through techniques of neutralization The conditions activate the WILL Preparation – knowing that an action can be taken Desperation – ability to manage apprehension CONTROL THEORIES (PT. II) SOCIAL CONTROL THEORY ALA TRAVIS HIRSCHI Hirschi’s Project o Confront the two dominant perspective of crime/delinquency at the time Strain theory Cultural deviance theory (especially differential association) Quick Overview o Strain Theory Deviance occurs because of inability to achieve legitimate goals o Cultural deviance
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