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classnotes - Group 1 Book VII(ln 104-122 Group 2 Book IX(ln...

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CLASS NOTES: SEPT 10, 2007 Roxanne Unger //Comments from previous class - blameless ambiguous meaning, open to interpretation based on context - Exchange between Glaukus & Diomedes - 119-126 odd; conversing in the middle of battle - exchange possibly not to be taken literally <narrative device> - also odd: Diomedes characterizes Glaukus immediately as having a courageous heart, probably result of *GUEST FRIENDSHIP *GUEST FRIENDSHIP - “xenía”= hospitality or guest friendship - “xénia”= gifts exchanged between guests & friends ex: traveler seeking lodging/hospitality “guest friendship” in household during travels; this relationship can last generations - armor exchange almost symbolizes depth of bond; armor also equated to physical manifestation of soul - guest friendship a large cause for war (another being possessions)
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Unformatted text preview: Group 1: Book VII (ln. 104-122) Group 2: Book IX (ln. 29 – 62) Group 3: Book IX (ln. 314 – 345) Group 4: Book XI (ln. 691 -751) Group 1-Agamemnon convinces Menelaos to back out of fight w/Hektor-reason triumphs over pride-reason catalyst for change, when pride takes over stalemate (?)-Book IX (ln.115-161 & 308-429) contradiction; Achilles’ pride drives him to deny Menelaos’s peace offering ∴ status quo maintained-Brotherly love plays small factor (?), competition (?), sincere desire to win (?)-Anomaly in rhetoric (“Menelaos obeyed him”) Group 2-who has right to speak?-Emphasis placed on emotion (ln. 38-39)-Comparison: pg. 81 ln. 204 divine vs. possessions; fate?-Diomedes’s speech = extreme Group 3-Achilles refuses Agamemnon’s offer-Display of Achilleus’s continued ANGER...
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