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Possible Essay Questions for Prelim 3

Possible Essay Questions for Prelim 3 - 14 What are the...

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Possible Essay Questions for Prelim 3 1. What are the pricing objectives? 2. What are the pricing constraints? 3. What are the different marketing channel structures? 4. What are the problems with break-even analysis? (define and write equation first) 5. How does one select a price level? 6. What are the risks of changing price? 7. How do you arrive at a price? 8. What are the legal aspects of pricing? 9. What are different distribution strategies? 10. What are the downsides to the electronic marketing channel strategy? 11. Why don’t all firms sell directly? 12. What are the vertical marketing systems? 13. How do you classify retail outlets?
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Unformatted text preview: 14. What are the different parts of customer service? 15. What are the different types of nonstore retailing? 16. What is the retailing strategy? 17. What is the wheel of retailing? 18. What is the retail life cycle? 19. What are the different types of merchant wholesalers? 20. What are the beliefs about brokers and agents? 21. What are the factors in choosing a marketing channel? 22. What functions do intermediaries provide? 23. What are some conflicts that arise in vertical marketing strategies? 24. What are some of the managerial considerations of price?...
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