Lecture_7 - o Ruthlessness (needs to see the suitors...

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Lecture 7- September 26 th Appropriateness of the Ending of the Odyssey - Was it necessary o Underworld Scene o Scene with Suitors’ family o Scene with Laertes - Does the Audience still side with Odysseus at the end o Kills the servants brutally o Plays tricks with his father Characterization of Odysseus - Hypocrisy o Treatment of the Cyclops when compared to the treatment of the suitors - Does he really change once he gets home? - Cunning o Truly one of his qualities? o Does arrogance cancel out this quality? o Is he too cunning for his own good? Characterization of Penelope - Does she actually WANT to have the suitors there? - Similar traits between her and Odysseus o Cunning o Deception
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Unformatted text preview: o Ruthlessness (needs to see the suitors dead)-Power of women in the Iliad and the Odyssey discussed Marriage of Odysseus and Penelope -Even though she knows it is Odysseus, tests him on page 34-Would have loved to see him like a lion on page 336-Does Penelope just need to have Odysseus aura around her? Telemachus-Grows as a person o Kills a man o Takes charge of the household when Odysseus is gone o Performs his duties as a son-Why does he care so much about Odysseus when he does not truly know him? 4 different translations of the Odyssey are discussed, regarding the scene where Odysseus meets Laertes....
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Lecture_7 - o Ruthlessness (needs to see the suitors...

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