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Lit-Hum Notes 9/17/07 ‘Iliad’ Books 19-24 Does Achilles Grow Up? Yes: -conversation with Priam. Understanding Priam’s pain. (pg. 488 ll. 507-) -Accepts fact that he is going to die (pg. 489 ll. 540-545) -Achilles went beyond Zeus’ call of duty and gave Priam a good bed, and tent, and burial rites etc. No: -Is only understanding because he is told to do so. -This question is based on the presumption that he was immature to begin with. He may just be a pissed off guy. Achilles winning glory -Doesn’t want anyone else to kill Hektor (pg. 440 ll.205-207) - Achilles has bloody hands (pg 417 ll. 502-) Does Achillies stand over Agememnon? -Agememnon doesn’t disobey. (pg 474 ll. 895-) - Persuades Acheans about 12 days burial. What if we follow Achilles’ actions to determine the change in the values and ‘rules of conduct’ of the society at this time? (The structure of society crumbling) -Guest friend code was broken -Marriage sanctity was destroyed -He did choose not to fight? -The war had become more about feelings, affection and emotions rather than the classical cause of honor. -War does change everything in society -Gods and mortals gaining similar experiences -Zeus losing Sarpedeon Last Line -Maybe the poem is about Hektor -Maybe it is about Troy’s future -Hektor’s wife is captured and son is killed after the Iliad War Games -A way to keep the soldiers occupied
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Lit_Hum_Notes_(9_17_07) - Lit-Hum Notes 9/17/07 `Iliad'...

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