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Literature Humanities Notes – 9/10/07, Session 2 Discussion of Books 7-12, with some information from last week Book 6 – Glaukos and Diomedes’ discussion – line 119 - two men stopping to speak in the middle of a battle - suggested that longer speech may represent a smaller actual moment as it is not realistic in a battle atmosphere, perhaps used as a dramatic device by Homer - Glaukos is unknown, which is uncommon - Diomedes characterizes him as having a, “great heart,” because he has dared to fight Diomedes, which shows Diomedes’ high opinion of himself - Glaukos gives ancestry, with story of falsely accused Bellerophontes, hated by the gods – also one of those described as blameless - Diomedes discovers that their grandfathers were guest friends and therefore they are friends and will not fight each other – even exchange armor, despite Glaukos having gold armor and Diomedes having bronze (either a trick of Zeus or suggested that it shows the great loyalty to guest friendship) - Guest friend is very important Greek term – xenía means hospitality, or guest friendship (exp. People who traveled alone would often go up to the houses of strangers and claim guest friendship, whereupon they would be brought it and fed
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Literature_Humanities_Notes - Literature Humanities Notes...

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