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Literature Humanities September 5, 2007 Flora C. Armetta Melissa Im Goals: Set of skills and tools which we can bring to any reading or works o Approach and analytical tools o Close reading- small portion and look for everything underlying the text, analyze and match up for comparison. Relevance to lectures Discussion: Characters- Trojans aka Lykians and Dardanians Priam Paris (Alexandros) Helen (originally Greek) Aeneis Aineias Greeks aka Argos and Achaians, Men of Sparta or Mykenai, Danaans Agamemnon/ son of atreus/atreides Menelaos Achilles/ son of Peleus/ Peleid Diomedes Odysseus Nestor Aias/Ajax Politically and socially: Agamemnon does not have to be moral or noble, moral ambiguity, not a democratic leader --- > autocratic, just because he can does not mean it is right. Everyman has a say. Shortage of democracy in first six books. Personal interest and self-interest, roles must be filled heroes and kings. Often are the justifications for their actions- Gods selfish, willing to help those who sacrifice and pray to them. More extreme
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Literature_Humanities-september_5 - Literature Humanities...

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